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Beach Patrol is an organised network of volunteer, community beach cleaning groups

You don’t have to live near the beach

If you would like to join a beach patrol group or start up your own group you are very welcome too

We pick up and dispose of all types of rubbish

we manually clean the beach in an effort to preserve and improve this environment

we are also helping our bay and river systems

systems by discarding litter that may otherwise be swept away by tides

Covering the Brighton Beaches

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Beach Patrol Sponsors

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Welcome to Beach Patrol

Beach Patrol, through the power of local resident members and community spirit , is helping to clean the beaches of Melbourne.

Beach Patrol is a chain of FEP community groups each defined by suburb, post code and t-shirt colour.Starting in 2009 with 3206 Beach Patrol - Middle Park , it quickly became evident that many 3206 residents cared greatly about the condition of their local beaches and were in fact willing to donate one hour of their time each month to help keep the beaches cleaner and safer for the greater enjoyment of all. Beach Patrol - Port Melbourne was soon up and running and following on 3182 Beach Patrol - St Kilda and 3186 Beach Patrol are now also going strong.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mar 2012 BeachPatrol groups joined with Clean Up Australia Day (CUAD) to pick up rubbish along Alberts Part to Port Melbourne Beaches. 200 kg of rubbish was collected by 54 volunteers. More...


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