Health and Safety Requirements

Beach Cleaning - Health and Safety

The Beach Patrol vision is for all beach users to enjoy a clean and safe beach, and to ensure the safety of our volunteers while removing litter.

While our activities are aimed at having fun and making a positive contribution, it is also important to be aware of potential hazards. Beach patrollers should report any hazards or incidents to their beach patrol coordinator.

Enjoy a safe and happy time on the beach!

Beach patrollers should be aware and careful of the following potential hazards:

Cuts from:
  • broken glass
  • syringes
  • sharp shells
  • fish hooks
  • gaining access to beach
  • cars, bikes, cyclists and boats
  • beach cleaning machinery
Living things, including:
  • jellyfish and octopus
  • stingrays
  • dogs
Retrieving rubbish:
  • heavy weights
  • sharp objects
Natural elements:
  • sunburn
  • cold (exposure)
  • high winds and sand storms
Trips and falls
  • beach walls

Beach patrollers should manage these hazards by:

  • Safely entering the beach: watch and give way to traffic – cars, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Wearing gloves, preferably heavy duty, to avoid cuts. Syringes and needles must be handled so as not to stab anywhere on the body.
  • Handling syringes: these should be collected by the beach patrol coordinator and placed in special ‘sharps containers’
  • Not handling living things - especially jelly fish and octopus and avoiding dogs which may be aggressive.
  • Wearing sun protection including a hat, sunglasses and sun screen to avoid sunburn. Avoid the high UV times of day (say 3 hours either side of noon) and "Slip Slop Slap".
  • Avoiding cold by wearing extra clothing and avoiding high wind days

Response Plan

The closest medical assistance is located at:

Port Melbourne Medical Clinic (near tram terminus at Station Pier)

Mills St Medical Clinic, Mill St Albert Park (near corner of Richardson Street)

In case of an Emergency:
  • Call 000 and answer questions calmly.
  • Make sure you know your location and can name the nearest streets you are between.