3206 BeachPatrol – Middle Park Melbourne

3206 Beach Patrol

The first Beach Patrol group, patrols the Middle and Albert Park beaches and was setup in December 2009. The group currently has around ?? members and is still going strong with organised group cleans in the spring and summer that are followed by simple, good fun, social functions typically provided by our local sponsors. Next time you see our members, families and kids out on the beach wearing their red T’s and helping the environment, come join us! We pick up and dispose of all types of rubbish. On the promenade and on the sand, from the stone wall to the edge of the water, we manually clean the beach to preserve and improve this environment we are so lucky to call home.

3206BeachPatrol takes on the beaches in Middle Park and Albert Park. A length of approximately 4 km. These neighbourhoods are mostly family living areas and 3206BeachPatrol has many families who contribute their time to keeping their neighbourhood beaches cleaner of litter and more safe for family fun. Distinctly visible in their bright red shirts, 3206BeachPatrol members can be see out volunteering their time on a Saturday morning.

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If you live in the area and want to contribute to keeping your beaches clean then Sign up with 3206beachPatrol to become a member. As a member you will get

  • Email updates on news and upcoming activities
  • Free BeachPatrol Tee shirt
  • Share some together time at a local cafe after the 
  • beach cleaning session
  • Participate in BeachPatrol social functions